Profile PictureAdeena Gerding

Surviving volcanoes, sharks, pirates, dragons, a shipwreck, motorbike crashes, and the 2012 predicted world end… Adeena Gerding, (A.K.A. the Bearfoot Gypsy) has expended at least 14 of her 9 lives. At twenty-two, the thaasophobic South African stepped out of her front door and found herself perfectly lost in the world. After years spent studying and preparing to adult, she found travel to be a far better teacher and growing up to be over-rated.


In more than a decade of unprecedented adventures, Adeena has accidentally sailed across oceans and cycled across continents. She is living proof that hitchhiking does not always kill you. The vagabond wanderluster has taken breaks from adventures to manage bands and companies, teach rock climbing and survival skills, write for newspapers and create some TV shows, amongst many other things that sound far less exciting. When not feeding her anorexic bank account, she has also paused to help communities in need and lend her grubby hands to worthy projects. Her biggest accomplishments to date are once fixing an engine with a clove of garlic and making death blink.  


While Adeena doesn’t own wives, children, or a husband, she does have an oversized Teddy Bear to care for. 

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